Tournament Joust, Aurora NY May 14, 2016

competitors final

On Saturday, May 14th, the Paragon Team is participating in a fundraising event for one of our own, Missy Hitchcock, who has worked with us for nearly a decade. Missy was recently diagnosed with cancer, and faces a tough fight ahead of her. At our hometown village of Aurora, New York, Scott and Rebecca will be competing in a tournament joust to raise money for this cause. It’s a straight up tournament, with each of us fighting to win. People can place wagers on the outcome of the joust, as part of a “50-50” fundraiser, by betting on the victor of the joust, as well as the final score. The tournament will begin with a “Crest and Baton” match, which is worth 3 points. The following joust will consist of 5 passes in the list, with points awarded by a panel of three judges. Points will be awarded for broken lances, each broken lance being worth 1, 2, or 3 points depending on how much of the lance is broken. Lances will be painted according to the “break zones”. This means each jouster may earn a maximum of 15 points in the joust, plus 3 points for Crest and Baton, (18 total points possible) giving a potential point spread of 324 possible outcomes. Bets are one dollar each, with up to 10 bids on any point “square”. So if you really think Rebecca will beat Scott 12 points to 5, bet up to $10 on that square.  When the joust is over, points will be tallied, and the holder (or holders) of the winning square win 50% of the total wagers, the other 50% going to the Hitchcocks to help with their medical expenses.

The event runs 2 to 8 pm, with live and silent auctions of many wonderful items donated by local business and individuals. There will be all day entertainment and dinner being served along with beer and a selection of local wines available for purchase. We’ll be performing Games of Skill on horseback at 3pm, and the Joust is at 6.  We’ll even be offering warhorse rides on some of our famous jousting horses. If you’re in the Aurora area, come join us, and if you can’t, choose your favorite Jouster and place a wager! Betting opens at Midnight on Friday May 6, and closes just before the joust begins on Saturday May 14.  You do not need to be present to win! If you wish to contribute by betting on the event, contact us at, or

We’ll be accepting contributions for joust guesses via paypal, or by check if you email us an image of a signed check before the event begins.  Thanks for your support!

Details of the event here:

Here’s the Gofundme page if you’d like to contribute:

As for the joust, we’d love to hear what you think about who is going to win! VOTE in our first online poll!  Choose Rebecca or Scott, and we’ll find out on Saturday May 14, just who is the best jouster!


Joust final


Crest and Baton final






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