Mister Mister

Mister Mister

Menomin Mister Yankee, better know as “Mister Mister”, is a Registered Morgan, standing 15 hands high. His sire was Green Meads Yankee, a multi-titled Grand National Champion Stallion. Mister Mister himself showed for several years on the Morgan ‘A’ circuit, winning several Stallion In Hand Championships and Pleasure Driving Championships. He also won Classic Saddle and Classic Driving Championships as a gelding. His bold, fearless personality makes him an exemplary warhorse, now with 14 years of jousting experience and many hundreds of flawless performances. He has the distinction of being the world’s first jousting Morgan.

Scott met Mister Mister in 2003 and started working with him as a jousting candidate, and purchased the horse soon thereafter. Mister is Awesome

In order to avoid the hassles associated with being famous, he prefers to joust under the stage name “Oberon”. He also claims to be Paragon Jousting’s first employee.

When he’s not jousting in shows, Mister Mister helps out in the training of new jousters and horses, as he “likes to keep busy”. Recently, keeping busy has meant he spends his free time mentoring the newer horses in the troupe.¬†Overall, Mister Mister is very pleased with the success of the Paragon Jousting, and the great accomplishments the humans have made under his guidance. Mister Mister is curious, outgoing and friendly. Look for him at a joust near you!

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