Apollo is a Belgian-Quarter Horse cross who started his life pulling plows in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Originally trained by the Amish, he is both a riding and driving horse.

Acquired by Scott in 2005, Apollo performed in his first shows in 2006. He spent the next 10 years jousting across the country, working primarily with Scott. During this time, Apollo also worked as a driving horse. He pulled the Paragon Jousting wagon at public events and Halloween hayrides, as well as our wedding carriage for newlyweds. He even had the opportunity to pull one of the original Wells Fargo stagecoaches at Graduation Ceremonies at Wells College in Aurora, New York.DSCN4974

In 2011, Apollo was diagnosed with cancer (carcinoma squamous cells) in both of his eyes. We took him for treatment at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, where he underwent surgeries on both of his eyes. He was pronounced cancer-free, and returned to work later that year. At the end of 2015, Apollo turned 20 years old, and we moved him into a semi-retired status, letting him spend most of his time at home on the farm. As such an experienced warhorse, he will still occasionally come out and work a show with one of our newer riders, but Apollo will spend most of his time enjoying his well earned retirement. He returns to Cornell for periodic checkups on his eyes, and we’re happy to report that Apollo continues to be cancer-free.



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