paladin-profile14aPaladin is a 16 hand Percheron gelding from Massachusetts, discovered by Scott in July 2005. The horse made his Paragon Jousting debut in 2006.

Paladin’s previous career was as a harness horse, showing in pulling competitions throughout the northeast. The horse’s owner offered to sell him to Scott after meeting the Paragon Jousting team on the way to a performance. Paladin’s owner told Scott that he had a horse that was “meant for better things” than pulling, and he wanted Scott to meet him, because he felt the horse would make a fine jouster. After going to meet and spend some time with Paladin, Scott agreed, and purchased the horse.

Paladin was a key part of the Paragon Jousting team for many years, most often acting as the steed for the Master of The List. “Pal”, as he is known to his friends, moved into retirement a few years ago, and lives at Paragon Stables in Aurora, New York, teaching children’s riding lessons.


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