rook-profile3In 2012 Paragon Jousting purchased their second Morgan Horse. CBMF Headliner, known as “Rook” was purchased from Ledyard Farms. This Morgan, foaled in 2009 comes from exceptional lines on both sides, known for producing great Park Horses. His sire is DBA Street Talk, a many time In Hand performance champion, who is the direct son of the great Serenity Masterpiece, who traces back to the prolific sire Fleetwing. His Dam is Stonecroft Love Story. This exceptional breeding has produced a truly unique horse in Rook.

He got his start on the road in 2012, and has worked as both a jousting horse and a steed for the Master of the List since then. Scott and Rebecca started this horse using natural horsemanship training techniques, and we are looking forward to showing off some of his unique skills at upcoming shows.

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