Zeus is a Shire/Percheron cross, and he stands 17.3 hands high. Scott met the horse while the team was jousting at the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire in 2008.

Originally from Northern California, the horse had previously jousted in the Midwest, in the service of another jousting company. Scott met the horse’s owner, and agreed to take Zeus on trial. One afternoon was all it took to see that the horse was ready to go back to work as a warhorse. Scott purchased Zeus and brought him back to New York.

Not long after he arrived in New York, his right eye began running and it was clear that something was wrong. On January 12, 2009, the specialists at The Cornell School of Veterinarian Medicine in Ithaca, NY diagnosed Zeus with cancer. He had a tumor that had consumed this third eyelid and attacked the lower lid of his right eye. With the hope of saving Zeus and his eye, the specialists at Cornell completely removed his third eyelid and the inside of the lower lid. The surgery was followed by localized radiation therapy to the affected eye socket, to destroy the remaining carcinoma and retard future growth.

Zeus recovered well from the surgery, retaining full use of his eye. His yearly follow up visits at Cornell have showed him to be cancer free.  We don’t know what the long term future will hold for Zeus, as this type of cancer can be very aggressive. For now he’s doing well, teaching children’s riding lessons and working shows from time to time.


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