Fiona strikes Pumpkin


Knightly Skills Competition – The knights compete in games of skill on horseback, demonstrating skills with weapons in the saddle and showing the horsemanship for which knights were famous.




Crest and Baton_4241



Joust of Peace – A Friendly Challenge between Knights, where they compete in various martial contests to prove who is the strongest, accumulating points with each victory. This challenge ends with an armored joust where knights try to break lances or unhorse their opponent.









Joust of War – Knights in heavy armor joust and fight, on horse or on foot until one knight is defeated. This show features contests of skill, armored jousting and swordfighting both on horse and dismounted.








Mucky Buckets and Thor – Mucky and Thor are child and family friendly characters. She’s a peasant girl who dreams of being a knight along side her steed Thor.








Armored Combat Demo – Armored knights square off on the ground. Teaching and demonstrating combat techniques in medieval armor.







Halloween Joust – Our signature nighttime Halloween fire joust. It’s evil versus evil as the Witch Queen Persephone battles her foe, the Undead Knight upon the Field of Shadows. This performance takes place at night, under colored lights as the characters battle with flaming lances, flaming swords, and the powers of dark magic to see who will be victorious on All Hallows Eve.





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