Halloween Joust

Paragon Jousting offers this absolutely unique performance, suitable for larger Halloween events. Our signature Halloween Joust is performed at night, under colored lights, and features live horses, jousting, and fire effects, all set to music. The Halloween Joust show is a 30 minute performance telling the story of the evil Queen Persephone battling her undead foe in order to escape the land of Limbo so she may return to the land of living and seek vengeance for her death. In this performance you will see the characters joust with flaming lances, and fight with flaming swords as evil battles evil in the dark of night.

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Need a Witch Queen, an Undead Knight or Headless Horseman for your event? Contact us. We have the riders and the horses you need.


Technical Notes: This performance has significant power requirements to support the technical elements of the show. It takes about 6,500 watts of lighting (supplied by Paragon Jousting) to sufficiently light a 200ft x 75ft joust field. The performance is set to music, and the performers are on wireless microphones in conjunction with an effects generator to alter their voices. 1 day of setup is generally required to prepare the performance space.  As this show uses fire weapons, it is necessary that Paragon Jousting confer with the local Fire Marshall before any performance may take place.  Paragon Jousting performers in this show have completed Fire Performer safety courses.

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