Joust of Peace

The “Joust of Peace” is a tournament style challenge where the knights compete for points in a series of martial contests, both on horse and on foot.  This show features several historical contests including the Mounted Crest and Baton, where armored knights don helms bearing plaster crests on top. Using wooden batons, the knights attempt to smash their opponent’s crest while protecting their own. This event demonstrates the skills required to ride in battle, and wield weapons while mounted.

armor2 (2) horse to ground

Longswords at the barrier is a similar challenge where knights on foot show their prowess with two handed swords, attempting to smash a crest from their opponents helm while defending their own. This is how knights trained to stand and fight in armored combat.  The armored obstacle course shows how knights wielded multiple weapons from horseback on the field of battle.  This contest culminates with an armored joust, where the knights attempt to break lances upon their opponent for points, or unhorse the other knight for a complete victory.



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