Mucky Buckets and Thor

Paragon Jousting has a special character and a very special horse that can be added into our existing shows. “Mucky Buckets” is a peasant girl who dreams of becoming a knight, and she is determined to try. Riding her brave horse “Thor” (Our Icelandic Horse) she arrives at the field of honor to ride with the knights. Dressed in burlap, broom and wooden sword in hand, she arrives to compete! Since Mucky is just a peasant, the knights try to send her away, and finally ask the crowd if they want to see the peasant girl compete. (The crowds always say yes!) Mucky rides against the knights in all of the Games Challenges (and she often wins the mounted games) and participates in the storyline throughout the day.


Mucky is a very child-and-family friendly character, and her amazing horse Thor is one of our specialty horses trained in natural horsemanship. He walks up on stages, determined to follow Mucky wherever she goes. This character is an exceptional street character who excels at crowd interactions along with her funny little horse.

muckythor9crop   muckybuckets6 (2)

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